Dairy Queen is an established brand nationwide. The local ownership group wanted to give back to the community while promoting their two fan favorite seasonal Blizzards, Apple Pie & Pumpkin Pie. 


DQ came to Wilbur & Rocket needing creative & design work for their head-to-head promotion. With it being an election year - it was decided to put a spin on the 'Battle of the Blizzards' theme and creating 'The Great DQ Debate of 2016'.


W&R created and designed many collateral pieces for the DQ promotion including a logo, t-shirt, billboard art, posters and even 'I voted' stickers for all those fans who purchased a Blizzard during the event.


By adding a little bacon to this promotion, Dairy Queen was able to give back to two deserving non-profits in the Siouxland area. 

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