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Minimum: $75

Choose between day interior or exterior for this option.

Best for winter months.


Wilbur: $175

10-15 day time interior and exterior photos.

Up to 3,000 sq ft.


Rocket: $250

15-20 day time interior and exterior photos.

3,000 sq ft. +


Twilight: $75

At dusk, we capture the house all lit up with it's interior & exterior light.

Highly recommended for high-end listings.


Commercial: $500+

This option is for businesses looking to capture their work for marketing purposes.

Usage rights are included.


Rush Charge: $50

Average turnaround time is 24 hours. The rush charge will get you the images

within 3-5 hours of the shoot. Available on Minimum, Wilbur & Rocket options.

Expect to see the images in your listing

presented as naturally as possible without

using overly-edited photographs.

Professional experience and communication

with the end goal constantly in mind.

Beautiful, full resolution photographs

that you’ll be thrilled to use for your portfolio.


What is the process like using W&R for real estate photography?

You start the process with a simple request over the phone, by email, or our contact page. 

We will collect all the information on the house from you and set up the shoot. Coinciding with us setting up a date, we will have you sign off on a contract that lays out the terms of our agreement. This contract will have the projected shoot and delivery date, pending the property owner’s availability. Once the agreement is signed, we will go out and shoot the property and edit the photos within the next two days. Payment is required prior to the delivery of the final photographs, but you will have access to watermarked ones until payment is fulfilled. Delivery of final photographs is made via DropBox.

What is the turn around for a project?

The turn-around time for a project is typically 48 hours after we shoot a property, however most of the time it is next day delivery. The entire process varies depending on the property owner’s availability and/or ability to prepare the property for photographs. For commercial or custom projects, the turnaround time varies from a week to two weeks.


How do i pay for this project?

Payment is extremely simple – after we shoot the property, we will send an invoice to your email. You will have the option to pay via check or credit card. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a receipt and will be good to go.

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